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Creating Technologies to Help Retirees Choose Their Optimal Health Insurance

Is My Doctor Covered?

Health insurance is an empty promise if your doctor or hospital is not covered. Headlines keep on reminding us that insurance companies are restricting the doctors and hospitals covered by their plans. People covered by Medicare have their own separate rules and these Medicare-specific rules have both good news and bad news—but mostly good news. […]

Medicare Premiums: The YoYo Effect

There has been a lot in the media about the recent budget deal and changes to the Medicare Part B premium.  What just happened? Here is the bottom line (and its confusing): ·      If you are a current Medicare beneficiary and pay your Part B premium though a deduction to your Social Security check, your […]

Older Workers Are Not Adequately Planning for Retiree Health Care Expenses

Both the popular press and the benefits/HR trade publications have been sounding the alarm—older workers are not adequately saving for their health care costs in retirement.  There are many reasons for this “retiree medical adequacy” gap—including limited resources and competing needs (e.g., housing, children’s’ education, and retirement income needs) and confusion over the best asset-accumulation […]