Retiree Health Choices recently announced Michael F. Seibold, President of Seibold and Associates in Tucson, Arizona and former president and COO of Blue Cross-Blue Shield of IL, has formally joined its board of advisors.

“There are few nimble startups delivering solutions to address Medicare complexities, and that’s why I appreciate Retiree Health Choices’ unique service offering,” said Michael F. Seibold, president of Seibold and Associates. “Its team is developing tools to simplify Medicare with both consumers and insurance carriers in mind. This two-way perspective is fascinating and what’s needed in the marketplace.”

Seibold and Associates targets business strategy for health plans capitalizing on decades of experience with the largest and most profitable carriers in the market representing about 5 million covered lives.

“Michael brings a lifetime of professional expertise and thought leadership to Retiree Health Choices. He is a true visionary, and we are confident he will make a major contribution to our success,” said Allen Steinberg, Cofounder and Chief Legal Officer of RHC. “The ability to tap Michael’s insights and breadth of knowledge will be invaluable.”

The goal of RHC is to “demystify” the complex Medicare plan selection process by developing new online solutions for new retirees and Boomers who need Medicare-related insurance. RHC plans to develop additional private Medicare-based exchanges with business partners. Retiree Health Choices recently launched a consumer-facing online marketplace for Medicare Supplement plans in Illinois, called