Open enrollment for Medicare insurance is right now.

Everyone eligible for Medicare (usually 65-years-old) automatically gets Part A and needs to sign up for Part B.

Because Parts A and B don’t cover everything, people can elect to buy supplemental coverage, often called Medicare Supplement insurance.

All of the Medicare Supplement plans, also called Medigap, are standardized in almost every state; yet, there are many options to consider when purchasing additional Medicare insurance from private insurers.

When selecting supplemental insurance, you elect to buy coverage via Plans A through N, although some letters designating plans are no longer available in certain states.


Before you purchase Medicare Supplement insurance, we encourage you to take a look at It’s a website for seniors interested in exploring plan options with an eye on total cost of premiums and health care needs. The site is also an online purchasing hub, too; consumers can select a plan after reviewing many options side by side and reach a broker who will assist them in making a purchase.

The Personal Health Calculator is helpful in forecasting total cost of the plan before selecting it, too. Please stop in and take a look around!