Transitioning to Medicare is complex (why does it have to be?), and most retirees are ill prepared for this critical rite of passage.
At the same time, the population of Baby Boomers is changing, becoming more tech savvy by the day. It is more commonplace for seniors to pick up a smartphone or tablet on vacation and shop on Amazon or surf favorite websites.
Sadly, online tools for Medicare have not kept up with the Joneses. Those people soon reaching “retirement” age or already in Medicare have woefully few resources at their fingertips to personalize and customize the experience.
There are few unbiased resources to help retirees decode Medicare benefits into practical terms. The CMS guide, “Medicare and You,” is over 120 pages of small print. While most brokers and carriers are honest, they are motivated to sell their most profitable products. Unless friends and relatives have specific experience with Medicare, they are in the same boat as the retirees in deciphering coverage options.
Other sites tell only part of the story. None of them show all options or allow users to model specific health needs, assess risk of catastrophic events or determine clear costs.
There is a market need for a site with the capabilities of Travelocity or Orbitz. These free travel related websites provide consumers with the opportunity to enter personalized information and make a purchase that best fits personal requirements.
Retiree Health Choices plans to be all that and more.  Launching their website soon, the company is addressing the online Medicare Supplement insurance sector. It plans to offer a new option for how Medicare buyers purchase Medicare insurance.
It’s about time, don’t you think?