Each year, seniors have an opportunity to enroll in Medicare or change existing coverage. In 2013, open enrollment started Oct. 15, 2013 and will end Dec. 7, 2013.

Retirees have an opportunity to consider Medicare plans and ensure they have selected the best plan for their needs.

Visit EasyMedicareChoices.com

An online consumer website is offering people a way to review and compare Medicare Supplement plans.

At EasyMedicareChoices.com, there is also a Personal Health Calculator that takes total cost of health benefits into consideration. People can input a few details about current and future health care needs, and the calculator will provide total cost of premium and anticipated health costs.

EasyMedicareChoices is one of the first sites of its kind to provide more options for supplement plan selection. Beginning first with supplement plans, the site is expanding into other types of coverage and to a wider geography.

The creative team behind the site includes experts from the health benefits, legal and IT sectors who currently make up Retiree Health Choices, an Evanston, Illinois health care technology company.