Our Products and Services

Your Medicare Choices Made Easy

Retiree Health Choices is focused on creating consumer centric online resources for the Medicare market. All of our products and services are driven by our belief that:

•      The transition to Medicare is difficult. The array of different Medicare options is unlike anything individuals have encountered in purchasing pre-65 coverage. Moreover, individuals must make purchasing decisions with few (if any) trusted resources. at a time of personal transition.

•      Health care is one of the most significant costs facing Americans in retirement. And yet, existing web tools do not reflect the needs of users to link their insurance needs with their financial situations.

•      Medicare beneficiaries – and their caregivers – are comfortable using web-based tools for decision support and shopping, and are looking for a more holistic set of resources and a better user experience around shopping and plan selection.

We believe the internet’s potential in this market can be realized by creating a more transparent and supportive process to engage a range of different types of users and move more of the shopping and decision-making process online. At the same time, we users will benefit from an array of technologies to make it easy for the user to move away from the internet and engage with live support at the time and manner of the user’s choosing.

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