Lifetime Healthcare

Cost Calculators

Health care is one of the most significant costs facing Americans in retirement—the typical couple can expect to spend about $250,000 in health care during their retirement years. In order to deal with this cost, consumers must connect their planning for health and wealth.

By answering a few simple questions, Retiree Health Choices’ lifetime calculator allows users to:

•      Estimate their projected lifetime health expense in retirement; and
•      Understand how much they need to put aside (in a single amount or annually) to cover this expense.

Our tools also allow users to model the cost impact, over their lifetime, of certain chronic conditions and model cash flow for healthcare expenses in retirement. In addition, our lifetime calculator allows the user to see the impact of changing retirement age or the rate of return on both the total amount required and the amount that needs to be saved each year to cover retirement health care costs.

Here is a consumer-facing version of a Lifetime Healthcare Cost Calculator. Call us for a demo of our other lifetime healthcare calculators.

* This version may not work on certain mobile devices.