Medicare Supplement Online Shopping and Sales Platform

Our consumer-friendly selection and purchase platform is helping brokers move more of the sales process for Medicare Supplement plans online.


Our platform creates a user-friendly experience to help consumers find their Medicare Supplement coverage. Consumers answer several simple questions, and receive a personalized report comparing plans by premium and total estimated annual cost. The site also utilizes an array of resources to help the user connect with a live agent to complete the sale.

The Medicare insurance market is primed to move on-line. Tech-savvy Baby Boomers, who are used to on-line shopping and decision support, are changing the face of the this market and demanding more from Medicare-based health insurance exchanges.

Our platform features RHC’s Personal Health Calculator©
The first of its kind in the Medicare market, the online calculator uses personal healthcare utilization data to project future healthcare costs. By using the Personal Health Calculator, consumers can make an informed selection and purchase decision based on premium and total estimated annual cost.