Effective March 5, 2013, Retiree Health Choices officially launched (after two years in the making) to deliver new tools to alleviate Medicare insurance complexity.

As a brainchild of a team of health insurance professionals in Chicago, Retiree Health Choices has a mission to create innovative online technologies designed to make Medicare more consumer friendly.

The company intends to introduce authoritative tools to help consumers make smarter and more balanced Medicare insurance decisions.  Its soon-to-launch consumer-facing website and health calculator (patent pending) are some of the tools Retiree Health Choices has planned. The personal health calculator is a cost-modeling tool to calculate total estimated annual cost of Medicare insurance.

Since 2010, the Retiree Health Choices team, which consists of professionals in actuarial science, health benefits, Medicare insurance, marketing and IT, has studied how consumers purchase Medicare Supplement insurance via carriers and agents.

Knowing the complexity of Medicare escapes many consumers (one needs to be an expert immersed in the sector to navigate and understand the intricate levels of plans), Retiree Health Choices made it a goal to positively influence the Medicare insurance market with simpler consumer solutions.

The solutions that Retiree Health Choices will soon launch will ease the transactional complexity of how Medicare insurance is selected and purchased.

The Retiree Health Choices team believes the retail Medicare insurance market is poised for radical change prompted by the perfect storm of the digital revolution, the overflowing ranks of Baby Boomers entering Medicare, and the loss of employer-sponsored benefits for retirees.