It’s no surprise the Medicare market is in flux. After all, there’s a tsunami of change in the sector, from aging Baby Boomers converging onto Medicare, changing employer benefits, and the digital revolution.

Retiree Health Choices has written a white paper offered free to readers and is available here.

Retiree Health Choices is a Chicago-based technology company founded by a team of health care professionals.  Its mission is to create innovative online technologies to make Medicare decisions more consumer friendly.

The Kaiser Family Foundation predicts 30 million people will enroll in Medicare over the next 18 years.

While Retiree Health Choices looks at the changing U.S. Medicare market, KPMG Global is analyzing the global health care market from its October 2012 summit in Rome. Regardless of where you look, health care is definitely in flux.

The combined effect of these multiple factors are contributing to opportunity in the online retail Medicare insurance market, which is where Retiree Health Choices is exploring new opportunities for consumers.

Learn more about this when you download the white paper here.