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Cost Chaos In Consumer Healthcare

As the consumer healthcare market shifts, more scrutiny is being placed on cost of consumption of services. In a recent New York Times article Nov. 8, 2013, Good Deals on Pills? It’s Anyone’s Guess, Elisabeth Rosenthal reviews cost chaos with drugs.

For example, two popular medications for asthma and allergies, Advair and Rhinocort AQ, used by tens of thousands of Americans are no longer going to be covered by many benefit plans served by Medco/Express Scripts.

Shocked consumers will need to pay $300 and $150 respectively monthly for the brands they’re accustomed to, or find generics.  In many cases, no approved generics are available.

Consumer Healthcare Cost Burden Shifting


In the past, consumers of healthcare have not been cognizant of the high cost of health care services or drugs. They presented an insurance card and rarely cared about the actual bill paid by the employer’s benefit plan.

This tradition is over, and the sticker shock over unsubsidized cost of medical and pharmaceutical prices is causing much anxiety.

A new burden is being placed on the consumer, and along with it, confusion. Read the rest of this entry »

Retirement Is Not The End Of The World

Retirement for many is not what it’s cracked up to be. After awhile experiencing the golden years becomes more a chore than a relaxation. Many retirees are seeking jobs to get back into the workplace.

At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, a new retiree rehire policy recently took effect. The human resources department has many new rules and regulations about how to rehire a former University of Illinois employee out of retirement.

If you’re a former university employee seeking “retirement” after retirement, ensure you understand entitlement to annuity as stated in the Illinois Public Act 097-0968 oriented to laws governing annuity for retirees in Illinois. Read the rest of this entry »