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Growing Consumer Consciousness About Retirement

In the world of “entitlement” programs, the youngest Boomers just turning 50-years-old this year believe that social security will not be available for them nor will Medicare as we know it. While it would be nice to have research to support this, suffice it to say, survey 50-somethings and they’ll confirm this statement!

Many Boomers rarely have the opportunity to work for the same employer long enough to accrue some benefits into retirement. In addition, the current employee benefit model, highlighted by pensions and retiree health insurance, is in flux. Allen Steinberg, JD and chief legal officer of Retiree Health Choices, detailed the pension pendulum in this blog post recently.

Boomer/Consumer Consciousness

The rocky rollout of the Affordable Healthcare Act under the banner of Healthcare.gov has influenced everyone in the country regardless of gender, political, religious, ethnic, or other persuasion. Right now it is a calamity for the country; yet, it is also an opportunity for organizations to recognize the need for clarity.

Many consumers, particularly boomers, are well informed and educated about an array of products and services, insurance plans and options. However, the transition to Medicare remains a gap – consumers are not aware of the complexity until they have to deal with it. Read the rest of this entry »

Why Boomers Should Use EasyMedicareChoices.com

There’s a new consumer website called EasyMedicareChoices.com, and it’s for:

  • Seniors approaching 65-years-old
  • Those beyond that age
  • Caregivers of elderly who need help with their Medicare insurance

The site was designed and developed by Retiree Health Choices, a Chicago technology company interested in helping retirees make more informed decisions about their health care. Read the rest of this entry »

The Transition To Retirement

Every day, 10,000 people turn 60-years-old, and there are more enrolling in Medicare when reaching 65-years-old.

That magic age of 65, 67 or even 70-years-old has been burned into our heads since youth. It’s the age of retirement…the golden years when life is easy and time for relaxation is on our hands.

Because there are so many Boomers heading into “retirement,” there is also more research about what happens shortly thereafter.


One expert, Marc Freedman, CEO and founder of Encore.org, says, “retirement is a transition, not a destination.” His organization promotes encore careers – “second acts for the greater good.”

What Freedman suggests is that people entering retirement find themselves taking a sabbatical from work, a bit of time off but not long-term. For reasons that could be emotional or financial, retirees find themselves seeking a second act to fill the gaps from working 50-hours weekly to no work at all.

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Sandwich Generation Resources More Plentiful 32 Years Later

In 1981, Dorothy A. Miller coined the term,“sandwich generation,”to signify people caring for aging parents while supporting their own children.

The U.S. Census Bureau estimates the number of Americans 65+ will double by the year 2030 to more than 70 million. This puts nearly 10 million American adults squarely in the category of sandwich generation – those caring for elderly parents who also have their own worries coupled with that of their children.

The Pew Research Center has more evidence that this sandwich generation should be re-examined in 2013 (32 years after its coinage) stating that 1 of every 8 Americans between 40 years and 60 years of age are raising a child and caring for a parent. The numbers suggest that parents caring for parents are experiencing more than the customary levels of daily pressure.

Today’s caregiver is more resilient and has more resources to tap than 32 years ago when the term “sandwich generation” was first coined. People who manage this day-to-day routine typically ignore the research, data and studies and get through the daily challenges as best they can.

When Retiree Health Choices launched its company, the sandwich generation provided fodder for their products and services such as the website EasyMedicareChoices.com. The company’s mission is to make Medicare decisions more consumer friendly. Read the rest of this entry »