There’s a new consumer website called, and it’s for:

  • Seniors approaching 65-years-old
  • Those beyond that age
  • Caregivers of elderly who need help with their Medicare insurance

The site was designed and developed by Retiree Health Choices, a Chicago technology company interested in helping retirees make more informed decisions about their health care.
When visitors click on the site, they can use a personal health calculator that provides information about total cost of Medicare Supplement plans. When someone adds in personal information like a birth date, zip code and gender, the personal health calculator budgets future costs of health care.
Currently, anyone purchasing Medicare Supplement plans typically uses a large carrier to buy Medicare. Premium prices are usually provided, but total cost is not.
By using, consumers have a better sense of the plan options available and can add personal information that helps forecast future health care expenses. Using a traditional insurance broker does not provide that type of information.

Illinois Boomers

Currently, the site is being tested in Illinois with plans to roll out nationally in one year. More states will be added to the site so Boomers everywhere can get more plan options suitable to their own situation.
Retiree Health Choices encourages Illinois visitors who are 64+ to check out and send feedback.